Short Shifter group buy Pt. 2

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Wed Apr 27 17:48:00 EDT 2005

Short shifter group buy

Check out this great shifter, Really good price.
The price would be $140 shipped for 4kq/Ur-Q and $145 shipped for 5000, 
200, V8q, and the Ur-S4/S6.

I received a response from Richard (
He is on his second batch of 50 shifters right now.
Should take about approximately 5-6 weeks ( maybe a little less) to get 
to the point he wants to start taking another order.
We will need 20 shifters combined to get these prices.
I told him I would the Group Buy organizer.
So for the moment if you will want a shifter send me an email directly 
to my email and I will put it in a safe place till Richard contacts me 
that he is ready to go.
When he contacts me I will send out an email to those that contacted me 
and also send notice to the message boards that it is time to go.
I will make payment arrangements at that time.

I am not registered to the Q list s if some one could forward this to 
that list and the others above
that would be a great help

So stay tuned.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq avant

cpcycle at

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