Subject: Windshield Wipers / Cruise control???

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Apr 27 19:04:15 EDT 2005

> From: SuffolkD at
> Gary:  "park" in the wiper motor is captuz.
More likely, the wiper arms have slipped on their shafts.  Put the motor in
its OFF/Home position and reposition the arms.  Tighten their retaining nuts
very tight!


> A R&R here:
> More than likely not related to the Cruise Control.
> -Scott by BOSTON
> I turn off the windshield wipers when I stop a couple of minutes later, and
> they are stuck in the middle, instead of going all the way down.  They still
> work fine, go back and forth, intermittent etc, they are now just shifted a
> good 50 degrees..
> Any ideas? 
> -Gary 

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