short shifter question.

TooManyAudis at TooManyAudis at
Wed Apr 27 19:10:26 EDT 2005

I haven't taken a look at the shifter on my 200q yet, but how about cutting  
the stem down about an inch or so, then threading to accommodate the shift  
Now, if we are talking 80's and 90's, I used a shifter ball from a  scirrocco 
on mine and spent about $20 on the whole thing.  In fact, I  believe billzcat 
uses the same part, with some holes machined out to accommodate  different 
mounting points.
Been three years and my 80q is a still a short-shifting mamma-jamma.
The setup for the v8q seems different than the 80q, but, again, I haven't  
had a first-hand look at the part on my 200q.
-- Tom
Charleston, SC

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