Subject: Windshield Wipers / Cruise control???

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Wed Apr 27 19:21:28 EDT 2005

Do you have first hand experience that this is the solution?
My BTDT (at is a moving park positon:

BOTH wipers will respond to this.
Your diagnosis IMHO is very unlikely that BOTH arms will slip/strip the same 
More likely is one arm moving vs. the other which usually means they will 
colide near the leading edge of the windshield glass as they (wiper blade travel 
arc) overlap there.

Also, the park position of the motor when out of "adjustment" can trick the 
owner into misaligning the the arms, which can cause the wiper motor to drive 
the blades into the engine area..................BTDT  (this would be described 
as the motor susposedly in the "rest" / horizontal position, when the motor 
is actually [positioned for the arms (vertical) straight up and down..........
Then when the arms are affixed the motor will rotate the arms RIGHT into the 
engine bay..................

Unless you open the motor,  tightening the splines is an invitation to strip 
them into uselessness.  IMHO
-Scott by BOSTON
> > From: SuffolkD at
> > 
> > Gary:  "park" in the wiper motor is captuz.
> More likely, the wiper arms have slipped on their shafts.  Put the motor in
> its OFF/Home position and reposition the arms.  Tighten their retaining nuts
> very tight!

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