puff of smoke

TooManyAudis at aol.com TooManyAudis at aol.com
Wed Apr 27 19:26:08 EDT 2005

I had a puff of smoke come from behind the steering wheel yesterday when I  
tried to start the car yesterday.  I was setting up the vag com to check  the 
airbag light, and left the key in the "on" position for several seconds with  
out starting it.  
I pulled the Instrument cluster, as well as took a look at all the wires  
connected to the flashers, directionals -- etc.  Had one wire with the  
insulation rubbed raw -- looked like it connects to the clockspring.  But,  there was 
no "charring" next to the exposed portion.
Incidently, the airbag light had remained on for several months  --  I'm 
thinking it could be related to the exposed wire if the control  mechanism 
detected a short.
So, in digging a little deeper, I am also taking a look at the ignition  
switch.   Can anyone tell me how much crap I need to pull out of the  way to 
remove the electrical portion for a closer inspection?
Also, are their any other likely candidates that I am missing?  I'd  feel 
more confident that I have found the cause of the smoke if there was  charring on 
the wire that was exposed.  So far, I haven't found any other  likely 
Oh, well, at least the convertible is running.  It's  leaking water into the 
passenger compartment like a sieve (my guess is  I need to re-glue the plastic 
barriers in the doors), but it's running.
-- Tom
Charleston, SC
91 200q
92 VW Cabriolet
88 80q
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