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Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Apr 27 20:02:21 EDT 2005

I guess I'm on too many lists.  Sorry for not posting Billz web site.  I 
thought I had seen the group buy here, but it was on the UrQ list.  I bought 
2, 1 for the UrQ which needs in more than my 20Vs, but have not installed 
them yet.  The piece looks billet and much better than stock.  Hope to have 
a road test soon.  Richard made the Cardinal group buy sin of getting money 
up front and then getting delayed by lack of parts, poor timing on subs, and 
lack of time in general.  But communication was good and all worked out.  As 
someone who organized more group buys of Audi parts than I care to recall, I 
was not too put off, but some were.  I have no problem buying again, just 
add 6 weeks to projected delivery time, put yourself in his shoes, and 
you'll be happy.

From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>

Yes, the '91 200q seems to be part of that series. This appears to be
well-made and at a pretty reasonable price, IMHO. Too bad that he
(Billzcat) didn't think to inform _this_ group about the group-buy
(deadline was in early March). Or did I just miss an announcement

Has anyone heard feedback yet on how well it works?

Anyone else interested (if another group buy is possible)?


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