Short Shifter group buy Pt. 2

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Thu Apr 28 06:12:50 EDT 2005


We were discussing shortening shift throws on the 200 20V list and someone
proposed attempting to make a short throw shift kit. Someone else had heard
of the Billzcat1 kit and asked why reinvent the wheel when there was a good
kit out there. Someone else pointed out the Billzcat1 www site where it was
clear that there had been a group buy that ended in March, which was
lamented by several members of the 200 20V list because nobody had heard
about that group buy. Chuck offered to contact Billzcat1 to propose a new
group buy, which is what he was reporting back to our list. He requested
that someone forward to the qlist to let everyone know a group buy was
being put together for shift throw reduction kits for the Type 44 and 4kq
etc, which I did.

This falls well outside my definition of SPAM.


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