Rear wiper

Charles Baer charlie at
Thu Apr 28 20:57:22 EDT 2005

The motor shaft goes through a long tube journal bearing and
has a worm gear cut in the end that sticks out.  Mine is sitting
on the bench waiting for me to eliminate the vibration in that
journal that prevents it from turning at full speed (and noisy).

I've been working under the assumption that the journal needs
to be replaced since a fresh packing of heavy axle grease didn't
fix it.


Andrew W. Schlueter wrote:

>since we are on the topic of wipers, my rear wiper works great on my avant, but after i use it a couple times it gets slower and slower and finaly it stops in the middle. When i got the car originaly the wiper fuse was blown and replaced it. Bad motor or needs a little tlc?
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