Rear Shocks for a 200

tdehoff at tdehoff at
Fri Apr 29 17:42:34 EDT 2005

Need your help.  I was attempting to put new shocks on my 1991 200 Quattro,  I was going to use (forgive me) Monroe Shocks.  So I checked the Monroe Web site got the proper shock # according to them and order them via the local car parts store.  Took the car to local mechanic to have them installed and guess what they didn't fit.  Seems that the rod is too short/small.  So I have been doing more research and I read somewhere that that 1991 200 20V quattro used the same rear shock as the V8, So I check monroe's website and guess what they have a different shock # for the V8 vs. the 200.  I also checked the online parts stores and they all have the same sets of Bilsten or Koni shocks  (same parts # on several web sites)  listed for the V8 and 200.  Can I just go ahead and order the Monroe shock for the V8 and have it fit the 200?    Surely someone else has run into this snauf. 
Tom in Iowa
1991 200 quattro 138K

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