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Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Sat Apr 30 18:23:12 EDT 2005

Dave Wrote:
> I just added to my fleet and bought one. It is in very good overall condition.
> I am very familiar with 4kq's but would like some advise on just what is reccomended on this car.
> It has 160k miles and has had the timing belt changed recently.  It also still has the stock UFO brakes.
> At what boost level is the safety cutout set for?  How much performance can be found before changing major components?  
>   Dave G

Welcome Dave! First, (if you haven't already) you should consider 
signing up on the 200q20v Audifans list. It's a list devoted 
specifically to this one-year special model car. The list isn't as 
active as the main quattro list, but it's usually full of great content.

The 20v has a small list of things that can trouble it. Boost pressure 
should be 1.7 to 1.8 bar. If you see less, SJM has a great page on their 
site about boost problems with the 3B engine. You're probably just about 
due to have your distributor gear fail. It's a plastic piece, and it 
tends to brake right about 150k miles. It will render the car completely 
dead until you get it fixed. New distributors (~$300) have a metal gear 
(bronze I think), but you can buy just the gear if you're lucky. The 
200q20v list had a few made years back, and can occasionally be found in 
the Marketplace and on Ebay.

When you turn the key to the run position, check if the 'check engine' 
light comes on. Most of these cars came w/o a bulb in there. If yours 
doesn't have one, pull the dash and put one in. There could be several 
trouble codes going off, and you'll never know it. Checking/fixing these 
problems should be high on the list.

Most people still love the UFO brakes. They can be expensive to 
maintain, and can warp if you're not careful with them, but ultimately 
give you way more brake than anything else that fits under a 15" wheel.

You're probably due for a tranny/diff fluid change. Several people have 
decided that 'lifetime' of the original synthetic is about 150k miles.

The plastic necks on the radiator tend to fail somewhere around 200k 
miles. You may just pull your top hose off and inspect the plastic. Many 
have had great luck epoxying in a metal sleeve. While any Type 44 
radiator will fit, only the 20v has extra ports for the auxiliary radiator.

The Bose stereo can have problems. Several of these cars have been lost 
due to rear speaker fires. If your system is original, and if it 
occasionally cracks/pops through the speakers...don't let this go unfixed!

The crankcase vent hose is probably mush by now. Squeeze it with your 
hand and see if it's okay or not. Mine was crumbly and had a huge hole 
in it when I bought the car. Drove fine....but now drives much better.

The chassis shares many typical problem areas with other audi's and 
T44's. The MFTS can give you fits if it doesn't work right. And the 
power steering racks tend to fail on someone's car every other week. And 
the brake BOMB should be checked out. You may consider the Euro 
headlights and a relayed harness if you drive much at night.

As for upgrades, several places have ECU chip upgrades. You can do the 
RS2 exhaust manifold, and there's few turbo upgrade options. Higher 
power levels should consider the RS2 airflow sensor and injectors as 
well. IIRC, there's a few of these cars driven around daily with ~400 
hp. If you want larger brakes, there's several options that use Audi 
rotors and the 993 Porsche calipers. BIRA even makes a bracket 
specifically for your UFO car. Several people have installed 
stiffer/lower springs and dampers. Curing understeer can be helped by 
searching for a "Happersized" rear sway bar. Other than the V8 front 
swaybar (not notably larger) I don't remember there being many options 

If you plan to work on the car yourself, the Bentley service manuals are 
invaluable. Chris Miller also keeps a site that has group supplement to 
the factory service manuals.

If you're like the rest of us in the group, you'll love this car. It's 
pleasant to drive, and can be quite fast and well handling. Don't let 
the above list scare you away from the car at all!

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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