Broken Ignition Switch

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Mon Aug 1 22:13:24 EDT 2005


"security torx"
Sears and most hardwares, if not computer stores ( ala CompUSA) should 
carry the bit.

I'll send you the R&R instructions under separate email.
Directions are also in the Bentley Electrical manual (vol 3 of 3)


At 10:00 PM 8/1/2005, motogo1 wrote:
>Subject says it all. Electric switch portion and key lock. Got the switch
>out, steering wheel off and am looking at a torx bolt on steering lock arm.
>This torx has a pin in the center of it. Needs a special tool, no doubt.
>I'll try to drill the pin out. Any tips from here on in. This does not look
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