Fault Code Diagnosis (was Coolant Leakage Solved-BUT)

Kerry Griffith i2k at xmission.com
Tue Aug 2 17:36:42 EDT 2005

Went back to the shop I'm beginning to suspect is run by monkey lads. 
They agreed to pull codes. Said no faults came up. Also said that since 
there are "only two or three sensors" on my old car "only two or three 
fault codes can come up." The lads didn't show signs of recognizing a 
1551 when I asked- said they use a "vag-com" unit. And here I thought 
VAG stood for Volkswagen/Audi Group. Silly me.

A quick glance at Bentley Volume 1 page D2-380-1 (back at the ranch) 
shows "The Motronic control unit can differentiate between 31 different 
faults. If these faults occur, they are stored in a permanent fault 
memory until intentionally erased."

Sounds like my guys may be lower primates, no?
Can any modern hardware & software pull these correctly or does one 
need a 1551? The shop I'm going to talk to tomorrow claims to have a 
setup that will do Audis along with other makes. Please advise.

Best Regards,
still teutonic- but wavering.

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