Fault Code Diagnosis (was Coolant Leakage Solved-BUT)

n-engelbert@terrans.net n-engelbert at terrans.net
Tue Aug 2 17:55:42 EDT 2005

> Sounds like my guys may be lower primates, no?
> Can any modern hardware & software pull these correctly or does one
> need a 1551? The shop I'm going to talk to tomorrow claims to have a
> setup that will do Audis along with other makes. Please advise.

Just need a LED and a 330 ohm resistor in series and a jumper wire.

Instructions at
http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/ecuf20v.html#fcthree for
pulling codes.  Also, a list of code definitions.

Good luck!

Nathan Engelbert
83 UrQ DA900453
89 90q
91 200q20v donor
91 200q20v avant

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