Coolant Leakage Solved- BUT .

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Wed Aug 3 04:01:52 EDT 2005

This was indeed temporary in that it has only happened once. However, I 
haven't duplicated the conditions that led to its occurrence since 
having the coolant leaks repaired; I would need to let it idle for at 
least 10 minutes at 102F with a/c on full cold. Haven't had the ambient 
temps for experimentation.
You're the second person to suggest air in the coolant passages, and 
Brett suggested "burping" air from the coolant. His symptoms prior to 
an aux H2O pump repair and burp were very similar to mine.Tony's 
question regarding the possibility of coolant spraying on something 
electrical and evaporating on the high way is another interesting 

Thanks to all for the intelligent questions and suggestions. At this 
point I know that the occasional 
refusal-to-start-without-depressing-the-gas-pedal symptom is still 
here, as is the low (1.6-1.7) boost.
So my question becomes: Will a competent mechanic, possibly at the 
dealership, be able to differentiate between stored fault codes that 
have been repaired and problems that still exist?
  I've had some temp sensors replaced, some vacuum leaks repaired, and a 
few other fixes done while trying to sort all this out. Some problems 
have been solved, yet some exist still. I'd hate to think that I could 
be paying someone to replace parts that have already been replaced, 
like my $300 ISV (ouch) and the aux H2O pump, not to mention the hassle 
of getting the car the 35 miles to repairs, a ride home, the carless 
waiting, the trip back, and so on ad nauseum. I'm grateful for all the 
group assistance thus far- I just need a little more- please!


On Tuesday, August 2, 2005, at 10:32 PM, SuffolkD at wrote:

> Kerry:  
> Do I understand that this was a temp(orary) problem which cleared 
> itself up?
> Could it be as simple as an air pocket in the coolant passage(s)?  A 
> sensor with air around it would fool the ECU into an overheat /  no 
> boost or other mirriad of issues......
> Location in the US?
> -Scott by BOSTON
> From: Kerry Griffith <>
> Nor do I understand. I'm driving the 35 miles to their area today a
> separate errand, so I intend to swing by and ask WTF, while requesting
> that they pull codes on the spot.
> I've also begun shopping for a more thorough shop, so if there are
> codes someone else will effect repairs.
> Best,
> Kerry

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