Coolant Leakage Solved- BUT now BOOST SuffolkD at
Wed Aug 3 10:58:24 EDT 2005

Kerry:  1.6/7 bar isn't 1.8/9 but its damn good for the age of these vehicles.
A mechanical gauge will show spikes better as the dash gauge (which I like) 
has a slow sample rate.  Now I oscillate betweeen 1.4 and 1.6, so there is more 
to chase down.  Also use 91/93 Octane.  When I had no boost I use 87 octane 
and just stay off the boost.
Either pressurize (10lbs) the IM air intake tract or scope out all those 
vacuum lines for trying to get higher, boost performance.  Brett has posted the 
pressurizing items before from Home Depot and the like...........Search the 
archives.  Its easy a rubber pipe plug drilled with an air hose fitting in it.
HTH  - Scott by BOSTON

> At this 
> point I know that the occasional 
> refusal-to-start-without-depressing-the-gas-pedal symptom is still 

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