Audio woes

Andrew W. Schlueter andyschlueter at
Thu Aug 4 00:05:51 EDT 2005

Don't bother with the recall if you are not going to keep the rear speakers,
front speakers are easy to install, and an aftermarket head unit is not so
bad to put in.

Andrew W. Schlueter
'91 200TQ20V Avant
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Both, actually. I am trying to get some sound! It seems that my front Bose
are done. There is a recall on the rears, so I'll have something soon.
On the radio the are several symbols, like cl and some others that I don't
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If you're looking for the pinouts on the factory radio, they're listed
right on the head unit on a sticker.

Are you trying to wire in an aftermarket radio or just troubleshoot
the factory one?

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