Coolant Leakage Solved- BUT now BOOST

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Thu Aug 4 09:14:12 EDT 2005

Your point is valid. Should've added " . . .without it becoming a large 
source of frustration." I'm willing to accept a thinner wallet in lieu 
of DIY, but I don't have much patience for "Gee, we thought we had it 
fixed."  "Gosh, we've never seen that before."  "These old cars only 
provide two or three fault codes."
We all have enough incompetent fools to suffer in this life without 
pushing the idiot/village ratio further.

I'd be delighted to pay dealer rates if Bernie or you want to make 
yourselves available as needed ;-)


On Wednesday, August 3, 2005, at 05:06 PM, Eric_R_Kissell at 

> Kerry Griffith <i2k at> wrote:
>> My plan since I bought the car was to maintain it
>> well and drive it to 150k or more
> You slay me. 150k should be no problem.
> Bernie can tell you how to do it while maintaining a thick wallet.
> Eric
> 1991 200q 20vt Avant, 206,000 mi
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