Bose recall, and my 200q20v status

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Thu Aug 4 12:22:36 EDT 2005


Does anyone have a set of the defective Bose rear speakers/amps/etc so
I can put them in my 200q20v and have the recall done?  My car has
some sort of crappy aftermarket rear replacement speakers, and I
received the recall notice postcard in the mail from Audi.  I would
prefer to have a working stock setup, if it would be nearly free.

Just in case someone's replaced their factory parts and not thrown
them away, if I could have them for shipping cost or something, I'd be

My 200q20v has been down for a few months now, parked due to a mild
coolant consumption issue somewhere and the need to tend to a few
other issues, such as worn valve stem seals.  I have started the
process to prepare another 3B head with an RS2 EM and turbo, and
38lb/hr Racetronix/Delphi injectors, to eventually swap onto the short
block.  I may put in a 7A exhaust cam, or maybe intake too, as that's
done by some of the 20vt hot rodders.  I haven't decided yet and the
effort has been stalled for a bit.

I want to clean up the casting flash and other stuff in the ports and
such, so I bought a valve spring compressor and porting kit.  I was
about to finally buy a nice air compressor and air tools to continue
that process, but I went back to school and have been focused on that
more than the elective car projects lately.


'90 CQ
'91 200q20v
'86 Coupe GT
'85 4kstq project
too much other junk

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