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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Thu Aug 4 14:09:50 EDT 2005

Here is a page to show how to get to the insides of the door.
When I worked on my door locks I just pulled the window assembly, it 
made the repair very easy


Tom Ellis wrote:

>Hi John,
>The only way to do the repair is to remove the door panel.  There are two
>possible problem spots.  The first and most likely is a small plastic
>connector that attaches between the lock/key mechanism and a rod that runs
>down to the lock actuator.  The second possibility is that the rod has
>somehow detached from the actuator or the actuator has come loose, which
>isn't very likely.  The part needed to repair the problem is cheap, but
>getting it on requires patience and good dexterity - unless you want to
>remove the window mechanism/track first, and then it's easy.  But since
>pulling the window track is a major pain I'd just try to clip on the plastic
>I had the same problem with my passenger door last year.  Scraped my
>knuckles a bit but not too bad a job.  Good luck!
>Tom Ellis
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