Coolant Leakage Solved- BUT now BOOST

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Thu Aug 4 18:21:42 EDT 2005

At 9:02 AM -0700 8/4/05, Bernie Benz wrote:
>  > From: Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at>
>>  Bernie-
>>  Isn't the stock system stainless? I never checked to see if it was
>>  magnetic or not, but the piping definitely looked like stainless.
>I don't believe so, just well protected mild steel.  They do rust out, I'm
>on #2.
>  >
Taka is correct, as certainly the stock Audi exhaust pipes are 
stainless and it's  widely accepted as fact (except possibly by you) 
that the exhaust system is predominately made of stainless steel 
components. I'm surprised that you think that "well protected mild 
steel" could survive 15 rust-belt winters (both my '91 200q cars 
still have their original exhaust systems, although some muffler 
perforation has occurred). Even stainless steel cannot avoid eventual 
corrosion by calcium chloride.

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