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Fri Aug 5 09:38:55 EDT 2005

That's Stebro

My last dealings with them - Dan at Stebro was able to have me the mid-muff.
for my '83 UrQ delivered within 1 week of order, which is different than the
experience others may have had previously with long delivery times.

I don't know about the 200Q20V unit, but the one for the UrQ is nice and
sounds great,  the one for my '87 4000Q NG conversion sounded great and
served well for going on 6 years now, but the one I installed on the '87
5000 tended to have a mid-throttle resonance or drone, which got a bit
annoying on long trips, althought the polished tainless tip looked great..

Overall, my experience has been pretty good with Stebro.


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Hi, My '91 Audi qt 20v needs a new "middle muffler. My local Audi dealer
will the parts and replacement work
for $795. I have heard that there is a company, Tebro, that makes a
stainless steel exhaust system for the
'91 Audi qt 20v that goes from the cat. converter back to the tailpipes.
Question: Does this stainless system
make more sense than doing the OEM mid muffler?

mel guyer]

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