A/C clutch R&R

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Sun Aug 7 12:33:32 EDT 2005

I'm planning my A/C clutch replacement and I see that there's about 2
inches space between the clutch and the auxiliary radiator, and almost no
room otherwise.  Does this routinely involve removal of the bumper cover
and letting the auxiliary radiator hang loose?

And, again, what can I use besides the tool VW 1622 to hold the clutch from
rotating while removing its retaining nut?

Finally, I have a replacement clutch that doesn't look much like the clutch
on the car.  See  a photo  at
http://www.pbase.com/kneale_brownson/image/47326600      In the background
is the Bentley drawing of what my clutch currently looks like (I'm talking
just about what Bentley labels the clutch--the outer piece in the
assembly).  The OEM has a raised shoulder and appears to be a one-piece
casting  where the replacement has three round covers for the fasteners
that hold the center arbor onto the clutch rim.  The replacement's label
has the number FD-06AD 812, an indicator for DC12V and the words Ogura
Clutch Co., LTD, Tokyo, Japan.

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