Help! Car intermittently has almost no power

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Aug 7 22:06:59 EDT 2005

Rick <Levolorman at> wrote:
 > Thanks.  My mechanic did.  It told him that there was a bad oxygen
 > sensor.  He confirmed it with an oscilloscope, yet it didn't solve the
 > problem.

Now that one problem is fixed, clear the codes, run the car
until the problem recurs, then pull the codes again. And
since your mechanic's "best guess is an airflow sensor",
I'd pull the codes myself.

Typically, one failure causes a cascading of error codes.
And fixing one problem will clear up a number of codes.
Replacing an O2 sensor is cheap, easy, and fixes a common
problem. But you may have other issues that pulling the
codes again may reveal.

Kent McLean
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