Repair of Audi/Bose Delta head unit?

Tom Ellis tom at
Thu Aug 18 16:43:19 EDT 2005

Hi all,

My stock Audi-Bose stereo has quit working and I'm hoping someone will know
of a reasonably priced place where I can get it fixed.  The problem is the
on/off/volume knob, which will still occasionally work correctly but mostly
does nothing but make a nice "click" sound when turned.

I spoke with Factory Car Stereo Repair in Florida, where I had my front door
speaker amplifiers replaced a couple of years ago, and was told that they
can no longer do repairs on this unit since the parts are no longer
available.  Does anyone know of any other options?  Other than the on/off
knob the unit works perfectly (also thanks to FCSR).

Tom Ellis

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