Audi-Bose stereo head unit

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Thu Aug 18 21:59:08 EDT 2005

Tom, I will 2nd Bernie's advice.  Midwest did two such radios for
me 2 years ago for $136 ea (at the time) plus ups shipping. I had
the on/off control problem and some keyboard buttons did not
operate.  Both are common problems that their customer service
person said they have fixed many times.
Gordy in MN

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 Thurs, Aug 18 2005
 I have the same problem with my stereo.  Mid West Electronics,
in Franklin Park, Ill. will repair the unit  for 225.00.  For
details call 1-800-0800 or 1-800-562-5978, or go their web site .  This unit is a Blaupunkt stereo.

Hope this helps
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