AC compressor clutch not getting power

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Thu Aug 18 23:12:40 EDT 2005


I was wondering how to do this, as they seem to be hard wired.  Where are the connectors for these?

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  Check the low and high switches. Unplug and short them one at a time.

  Tony Hoffman

  Ben Swann <benswann at> wrote:
    Two '91 200Q20V sedans with apparantly the same problem. The AC system has
    full charge - approximately 90PSI static/35PSI low and 180 PSI high
    pressure side during operation and outside temp around 80 deg. F. Climate
    control set to low and everything operates except for compressor clutch is
    not engaging. Applying power directly to compressor engages clutch and
    system blows nice and cold.

    I noticed on the one I was just working on that there was no relay in
    position number 6 where the fuse box cover indicates AC relay should be.
    Inserting relay makes no difference.

    Any clues as to what is going on? BTDT on common culprit(s)?


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