Rear Brake calipers - 200Q20V

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Fri Aug 19 13:01:08 EDT 2005

At 10:46 AM 8/19/2005, Ben Swann wrote:
>I'm looking for a best price onrear brake calipers for a '91 200Q20V.  So
>far found them at Impex for $130 each and seeing if I can get them a little
>Alternatively if anyone has a good used set - need working handbrake
>200q20v mailing list


I bought a set of rebuilt rear calipers before I knew better.  They lasted 
two years before the parking brake mechanism started failing.
Now that I know better I rebuild them myself to ensure that the parking 
brake mechanism in the caliper is properly overhauled.

Most folks don't realize that the caliper spring is itself strong enough to 
push the parking brake lever on the caliper back to the stop when the 
caliper is properly functioning....the spring on the mechanism adds an assist.

Failure mode is that moisture gets through the mechanism seal into the body 
of the caliper, flushing out what little grease was put there in the first 
place, and then corroding the shaft of the mechanism so that it binds 
inside the caliper body.

When I rebuild the calipers I replace the seal with a superior $4 USD 
transmisson seal from NAPA., and repack the mechanism with hi temperature 
synthetic brake grease.


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