Rear Brake calipers - 200Q20V

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I had a similar experience, I bought a set of rebuilt calipers
because the parking brake levers were totally stuck. They lasted
less than a year, and I got a second set free under warranty.

Well the second set started sticking abut two years later,
so I decided to do the job my self, yes, I filled the rear cavity
totally full of Mobil-1 synthetic grease.

So far its been one year,


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> At 10:46 AM 8/19/2005, Ben Swann wrote:
> >I'm looking for a best price onrear brake calipers for a '91 200Q20V.  So
> >far found them at Impex for $130 each and seeing if I can get them a
> >cheaper.
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> >Alternatively if anyone has a good used set - need working handbrake
> >actuators.
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> >Ben
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> Ben:
> I bought a set of rebuilt rear calipers before I knew better.  They lasted
> two years before the parking brake mechanism started failing.
> Now that I know better I rebuild them myself to ensure that the parking
> brake mechanism in the caliper is properly overhauled.
> Most folks don't realize that the caliper spring is itself strong enough
> push the parking brake lever on the caliper back to the stop when the
> caliper is properly functioning....the spring on the mechanism adds an
> Failure mode is that moisture gets through the mechanism seal into the
> of the caliper, flushing out what little grease was put there in the first
> place, and then corroding the shaft of the mechanism so that it binds
> inside the caliper body.
> When I rebuild the calipers I replace the seal with a superior $4 USD
> transmisson seal from NAPA., and repack the mechanism with hi temperature
> synthetic brake grease.
> -Peter
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