fuel leak

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon Aug 22 11:08:15 EDT 2005

Steel fuel line failure.  The lines run through rubber cushions held in
place by stainless straps.  Rubber collects moisture and the lines rust out.

At 09:36 AM 8/22/2005 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
>Late last night--as I  backed our '91 200q out of the driveway to 
>pick up family members at the airport (these things always happen at 
>such times, don't they)--- I noticed the car was leaving a trail of 
>drops on the pavement behind us. When I stopped to check for the 
>reason, I found there was a steady stream of gasoline dripping to the 
>ground from under the car. In respect to front-to-back location, the 
>fuel leak appears to be mid-chassis--i.e.,  roughly under the 
>passenger seat--and close to the passenger side. This was at midnight 
>and I haven't had a chance to explore any further.
>Is there a fuel line coupling located in that vicinity? Seems a 
>strange location to see a fuel line leak. Any BDTDs???
>P.S. BTW, this explains the hard-starting situation we've recently
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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