strange multiple brake hyd failures

David Glubrecht daveglu at
Sun Aug 28 01:28:45 EDT 2005

Pertinent history   200q20v   170k miles
Stock brake system (UFO) , replaced pads a couple of weeks ago.
replaced power steering hose (pressure side) at the same time.
I had both front wheels off last week (before a 700 mile trip) to repair the brake pad sensors so the auto-check will read OK. I noticed no problems.
two days ago I drove the car around the corner and parked the car at the edge of the road with the flashers on to warn drivers as I was working in the right of way after a blind corner.
My wife drove the car back and claims the car drove perfectly normal.
Today I get in it to wash it and the clutch petal snaps to the floor.
I think "great, don't want to replace the clutch master and slave"
Put the car in gear and start it and find very little (rear only) brakes with the petal to the floor.
I pull the car in the garage and put brake fluid in it and find it running out of SEVERAL places!
I find a total of 4 failures any one of which wouldn't be a big deal.

1. Drivers brake line (flex rubber hose) is burst and almost ripped in two.
2. Pass brake line (same) is burst and ripped in two!
3. Pass anti lock wires are ripped in two.
4. Clutch rubber hose is burst.

Pass side could be explained by a stick or piece of metal getting caught and ripping both lines.
Drivers side looks like a fairly normal failure, but all this happened while parked!
Clutch looks like a hose failure, but I have these hoses fail.
None of the hoses looks cut or signs of anything sharp cut them.
Possibly a few signs of an animal in the area, but I do not believe any of the hoses looks like they have been chewed on either. Defiantly not all (still need to remove the clutch line for closer inspection).
I do not believe any body is trying to kill me, at least I keep telling myself that.
I will try to get photo's available soon
Anybody want to try and explain?
    Dave G

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