Lifter problems

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Wed Aug 31 17:56:38 EDT 2005

Start looking for a new wrench!


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> Subject: Re: Lifter problems
> I got the car back today. The power is back and the noise is gone!!! I guess
> that they didn't damage the engine. Phew, I was fairly worried. I start to
> commute to school tomorrow. Its a 150 mile round trip from Biddeford, Maine
> to Methuen, Mass. I'll know for sure if the noise is gone then.
> Happily,
> John
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> Subject: Lifter problems
>> Hi,
>> Could lifters be damaged by the timing belt being off 2 teeth?
>> This is the car, my 91 200QT with 59,000 miles, that had the timing belt
>> changed. It had lousy power, hard to start when hot, and is now making
>> lifter noises.
>> I checked the timing marks myself. I set the TDC O on the flywheel and the
>> timing mark on the outside of the timing belt wheel was off 2 teeth. I
> then
>> went to the garage and showed them this myself. They will take it back in
>> today.
>> Thanks,
>> John
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