re. 1991 200 Exhaust Muffler parts 3B Sedan Avant

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As with the 5000/200 series, the exhaust systems are completely 
interchangeable between wagon and sedan - BTDT.

200Q20V (X2) avant and sedan with sedan exhaust from
on the avant.

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A quick look under the sedan AND the Avant shows a similar layout and bend 
around the drivers' side rear passenger A arm.

The Avant which I assume is stock has a deeper rear muffler (longer in 
The sedan which is aftermarket has a smaller rear muffler but similar 
pipping from the front.

The ETKA for the 1991 200 Q
A20Q Yr 91 MG 2 SG 53 Ill# 28-50
shows pieces 1-14 for the MC and the rest for the 3B NO comment on whether
sedan or Avant. It COULD be that BOTH take the same set up.

-Scott Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.] 

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