Heat Less in the Carolinas

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Speaking of heat, My heater works, but the car barely warms up
if the heater is running. The car stays at 40% most of the year, but
on cold winter days it will refuse to go over 20% as long
as the heating is on. If I shut off the interior heating, it will slowly
heat up to 40% of the gauge.

It seems lie there is barely any heat left over once I turn on the
interior heat, I know, its a strange way to put it, but this is the
 way he car has run for five years.

I put in a new thermostat when I did the PS pump rebuild
three years ago, nothing changed when the really cold days
came around again.

I have toyed with the idea of sticking a sheet of cardboard
in front of the radiator (for experimental purposes), but
I have not done so yet.

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> If I remember correctly, the default position for the heater valve is open
> and it only "works" under vacuum to close while the A/C is in use.  So if
> the vacuum line isn't working, the heater valve should still be allowing
> hot coolant through.
> At 08:03 PM 12/3/2005 -0500, PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:
> >Assuming you have checked the usual suspects, (motor temp in operating
> >and full radiator).  I would look at the heater control valve at the back
> >the motor.  It basically opens and lets warm water through the heater
> >when
> >called for.  If memory serves me correct it is vacuum operated.
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