Heat Less in the Carolinas

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Does the radiator fan run all the time?  My 200q20v  used to run at the
first slash mark off the left edge of the gauge all the time except when
idling in traffic during the hottest part of the summer, but I still got
good heat out of the heater system in the winter.  After I changed all the
hoses in the engine compartment about 18 months ago, the gauge reads at the
heavy slash mark just below straight up all the time.  The heat output to
the cabin is the same.  Several years ago, I experienced the heat dropping
off to cold air blowing out after 20-30 minutes of driving.  If I bumped
the requested temp up a couple degrees, it would heat more briefly before
going cool again.  I fixed that by replacing the temperature regulating
flap motor.  See Chris Miller's website for directions:
ap    If you scroll down, there are pictures of the cover for the flap
motor and of the flap motor itself.

At 10:08 PM 12/3/2005 -0500, alan cordeiro wrote:
>Speaking of heat, My heater works, but the car barely warms up
>if the heater is running. The car stays at 40% most of the year, but
>on cold winter days it will refuse to go over 20% as long
>as the heating is on. If I shut off the interior heating, it will slowly
>heat up to 40% of the gauge.
>It seems lie there is barely any heat left over once I turn on the
>interior heat, I know, its a strange way to put it, but this is the
> way he car has run for five years.
>I put in a new thermostat when I did the PS pump rebuild
>three years ago, nothing changed when the really cold days
>came around again.
>I have toyed with the idea of sticking a sheet of cardboard
>in front of the radiator (for experimental purposes), but
>I have not done so yet.
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>> If I remember correctly, the default position for the heater valve is open
>> and it only "works" under vacuum to close while the A/C is in use.  So if
>> the vacuum line isn't working, the heater valve should still be allowing
>> hot coolant through.
>> At 08:03 PM 12/3/2005 -0500, PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:
>> >Assuming you have checked the usual suspects, (motor temp in operating
>> >and full radiator).  I would look at the heater control valve at the back
>> >the motor.  It basically opens and lets warm water through the heater
>> >when
>> >called for.  If memory serves me correct it is vacuum operated.
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