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Does the  radiator fan run all the time?  My 200q20v  used to run at  the
first slash mark off the left edge of the gauge all the time except  when
idling in traffic during the hottest part of the summer, but I still  got
good heat out of the heater system in the winter.  After I changed  all the
hoses in the engine compartment about 18 months ago, the gauge  reads at the
heavy slash mark just below straight up all the time.   The heat output to
the cabin is the same.  Several years ago, I  experienced the heat dropping
off to cold air blowing out after 20-30  minutes of driving.  If I bumped
the requested temp up a couple  degrees, it would heat more briefly before
going cool again.  I fixed  that by replacing the temperature regulating
flap motor.  See Chris  Miller's website for  directions:
ap   If you scroll down, there are pictures of the cover for the  flap
motor and of the flap motor itself.
I believe that's what I was looking for.  Bernie chastised me earlier  for 
not providing enough information or running through some diagnostics before  
posting -- Between you and me, does this guy have a job, or is his job  
responding to posts at a moment's notice with something to make the rest of us  feel 
like fools?  I dare not tell Bernie that I replaced all four  brake hoses three 
years ago just because the outside rubber was dry-rotted and  pieces would 
fall off when touched (Relax, Bernie, I kid.  I kid)..   Although, I believe he 
would enjoy the fact that I got front brake hoses that  were 5 or 10 cm longer 
that what is called for by Audi, a much more common size,  for either half or 
a third the price of the 200q-specific hoses.
Anyway, there is heat on both sides of the heater valve, so I assume  that is 
working.  Engine temp gauge is normal.  Diagnostics on the  Climate control 
would seem to indicate the temp flap, but I have not yet torn  into the car to 
verify -- May just do that after the Giants beat up on  Cowboys on Sunday.  
Thanks for the help, will report back to everyone.
-- Tom
91 Audi 200q
88 80q Available to the public, just in time for the nasty weather.   Inquire 


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