Heater problem

Brice Warnick brice2004 at webtv.net
Sun Dec 4 11:46:14 EST 2005

A few years ago when I put a new radiator in I also put a new radiator fan switch in as well. This is the 3 pin switch that goes in the bottom of the radiator.
I got the switch from Blau as I was getting some other parts from them.
Blau sent me the 321 959 481 switch made by Wahler.
The following winter I was cold and couldnt figure it out. So I talked with Rod Ramsey at TPC and he asked if I had the right 3 pin switch. He said that I needed the 3 pin 321 959 481D which is made by Wahler.
Sure enough I checked my records from Blau and they had sent me the switch without the D.
I asked Blau about this and they said that the non-D switch was the OEM standard for my car and that they had sold 1,000s of them over the years.
Well I check it out and the non-D switch should be rarely sold. Even the Arizonea Autohaus told me that they had only ever sold a few of them.
321 959 481 is an 85/93 degree
321 959 481D is an 95/102 degree
The 85/93 makes your radiator fan run all the time.
The 95/102 degree is the correct OEM switch. That goes with the corresponding correct thermostat.
Blau sells 85/93 thermostat that they mark as high preformance or to be used in places like Arizona which even folks in Arizona rarely use.
So make damn sure you have the correct Whaler D switch and the righ thermostat.
Blau still says that the non-D switch is the correct one whle every other vendor and dealer says differently.
So the 1,000s of folks who bought this switch and possibly also the wrong thermostat from Blau are freezing every winter or have cardboard in  front of their radiator thinking that will solve the problem.

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