Heat Less in the Carolinas

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Mon Dec 5 00:49:02 EST 2005

Surprising quip from Bernie:
Please....................... with the fat wallet fear you have, how is he or 
anyone else gonna pull the DTC's if they don't spend $4 for wires and a bulb?
$300 for Vag-Com?

Ya know DTC or pulling codes doesn't even find the simplest (MOST BASIC) 
problems in a car.

Surprised Bernie can't cut to the chase and give the answer:
Open thermostat OR Low coolant level.
BTDT TWICE in the past 5 days.

Monday, No heat in a Buick in the Carolinas.  "coolant Low" light 
on............ Add coolant get heat $9 fix.  Never mind the tech wanted $600 to replace 
the heater controller...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Control display dim or not lit.  Two 
knuckle raps and the contacts are better matted so the temp and display now 
functions. FREE.

Tonight driving the 200 20V.  No heat, coolant Temp gauge on COLD.
Stop car in breakdown lane mall parking lot, idle for 10 minutes, coolant 
temp rises and I get heat again. FREE.  Thermostat $15 DIY job.

Come ON Bernie.
-Scott by BOSTON
> From: Bernie Benz <>
> Hey Tom,
> You can do better than that at outlining the situation!  Engine running at
> correct temp?  Have you pulled the error codes from the DCC system?
> Bernie 

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