Finished installing H&R springs and Koni shocks

Rbade12 at Rbade12 at
Mon Dec 5 15:07:25 EST 2005

Pretty straight forward job. I ran into no surprises, all the fasteners  came 
apart without too much trouble [the front caps that hold the shock in the  
knuckle did require a bit of heat]. I had downtime waiting on parts so I painted 
 the knuckles and all other bits I could with POR 15. I got new front  wheel 
bearings from Blau [good deal at $47 each, includes appropiate fasteners]  had 
those pressed in [the old ones seemed "dry". This car sat, unused for  2-3 
years, that took a toll on many bits I and the PO have replaced]. 
After getting halfway down my driveway and realizing that in my haste to go  
for a ride I'd forgotten to replace the right front inboard brake pad, I went  
for a ride. I like the combination very much! I set the internally adjustable 
 shocks 1/4 turn clockwise [ I can't see adjusting them again in the near  
future as mucho stuff has to come apart to access them]. I have Koni/Eibach on  
another car and the medium setting there is "sporting" [read-stiff, brutal  
actually, but that's the springs as much as the shocks]. I didn't want too much  
stiffening, but a bit more responsiveness and this combination is good for 
me.  The springs lowered the car 1.25"in front and 1.00" in the rear. With the 
OE BBS  wheels [which I refinished last summer with Duplicolor's wheel paint] 
the  lowering really tucks the tires in the wheel wells nicely!! It's an 
excellent  look! Taller speed bumps may be an issue as the center exhaust connection 
is but  3-4" off the pavement.
So, I'm now, by my definition, a 200q20v suspension expert, but, I couldn't  
have done it without your help, thanks everyone, particularily Guy!

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