heater problem

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 5 19:39:21 EST 2005

Sometimes yes but often no, especially with electrical parts, and more 
especially with HVAC electricals.  That Alpha suffix can, and often does 
make a world of difference, BTDT, many times.
Have yet to see a supercede that was cheaper!

Brice Warnick wrote:
>321 959 481 is an 85/93 degree
>321 959 481D is an 95/102 degre

kentmclean at mindspring.com wrote:

I had heard, and believed as I used it in another job,
that the final letter merely indicates an updated,
but functionally the same, part. That is, the vendor
improved the part (made it stronger or more reliable),
figured out how to make it cheaper (do the same job
for less), or both. I'm surprised the D in this case
indicates a functionally different part.

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