[SPAM]Re: Finished installing H&R springs and Koni shocks

Gary Anderson wanemardo at comcast.net
Tue Dec 6 02:18:16 EST 2005

Just do the "IGOR Fix".... for camber travel adjustability.
Heh, Heh, just have to pull the struts again though, or buy 2Bennets new
camber plate replacement parts...
Oh well, we live and learn, BTW, the IGOR fix works on mine and son's 200's.
Gary A...

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With your lowered static ride height, how to you intend to compensate for,
or eliminate the resultant excessive negative camber of your suspension?
Your alignment tech can't do it, inasmuch as the adjustment was still
negative when maxed out in the positive direction with the stock springs,
and now you have made the condition considerably worse!  Just wondering...as
you burn tires.


> From: Rbade12 at aol.com
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> Subject: Finished installing H&R springs and Koni shocks
> Pretty straight forward job. I ran into no surprises, all the 
> fasteners  came apart without too much trouble [the front caps that 
> hold the shock in the knuckle did require a bit of heat]. I had 
> downtime waiting on parts so I painted the knuckles and all other bits 
> I could with POR 15. I got new front  wheel bearings from Blau [good 
> deal at $47 each, includes appropiate fasteners]  had those pressed in 
> [the old ones seemed "dry". This car sat, unused for  2-3 years, that 
> took a toll on many bits I and the PO have replaced].
> After getting halfway down my driveway and realizing that in my haste 
> to go for a ride I'd forgotten to replace the right front inboard 
> brake pad, I went for a ride. I like the combination very much! I set 
> the internally adjustable shocks 1/4 turn clockwise [ I can't see 
> adjusting them again in the near future as mucho stuff has to come 
> apart to access them]. I have Koni/Eibach on another car and the 
> medium setting there is "sporting" [read-stiff, brutal actually, but 
> that's the springs as much as the shocks]. I didn't want too much 
> stiffening, but a bit more responsiveness and this combination is good 
> for me.  The springs lowered the car 1.25"in front and 1.00" in the 
> rear. With the OE BBS  wheels [which I refinished last summer with 
> Duplicolor's wheel paint] the  lowering really tucks the tires in the 
> wheel wells nicely!! It's an excellent  look! Taller speed bumps may 
> be an issue as the center exhaust connection is but  3-4" off the 
> pavement.
> So, I'm now, by my definition, a 200q20v suspension expert, but, I 
> couldn't have done it without your help, thanks everyone, particularily
> Bob
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