unequivalent wheel weight & traction

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The why........you hit it ingo, I am running green diamond snows and one
flatted on me in a very bad spot so I drove on the rim to a decent spot
and the replacement is several days away.

Good tires but I wish there was a local supplier.

So running the donut vs. mounting a different snow on my steel wheels to
cover until the new tire arrives made me wonder.  I believe the
robustness of the drivetrain is substantial, especially since I drove
with rear locked for 5000 miles on different tires, wheels, terrain etc.
with the abundance of spare parts due to rampant 20v conversions I am
also contemplating a very unique audi/truck (or van)awd w/ lockers
hybrid.  I wonder how the drive train would stand up to more offroading
and larger wheel tire combos.  Driving a pickup with rwd in certain
conditions can be very dangerous and the 4wd systems are not suited for
road use unless substantially slippery conditions exist.   

David Schaible

 73 gmc pickup
83 urq
88 gmc pickup (parted out finally)
88 f350 extended frame dump body
91 20v

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Yeah, but in reality this really is for a few other reasons:

One:  If the traction/grip of tires is dissimilar, this can certainly
compromise the car's handling and performance.

Two: Really only "bad" for the stress on the awd system when engaging

Our cars have a built-in "slop" factor which prevents the chugging on
from the rear diff of a locker rear end -- try locking the rear and then
making a nice, sharp turn at low speed :-)

Of course, the biggest question is why?  Unless you're just waiting to
replace things because the car is in repair mode of some sort...

Just my $0.02


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> Audi's Type 44 universal donut spare (5k, 100, 200, V8) is a 17"
> the aspect ratio of the skinny tire is such that it matches the OEM OD
> 15" wheels with "60" ratio).   You definitely don't want to run
> OD wheels on a quattro system.  Every model manual says not to do this
> because of unacceptable stresses it would place on the drive system.
> At 02:20 PM 12/6/2005 -0800, Chuck Pierce wrote:
> >I would think the biggest concern would the rolling diameter. If I
> >understand the Q system correctly.
> >The believe the quattro system demands tires of equal diameter so as
> >to burn up the center diff.
> >The strange wheels are bound to cause the car to handle in a strange
> >manner, but the biggest concern is the diameter of the tires.
> >I drove home (45mi) once on a space saver spare. Kept it to 50 mph or
> >so( damn that was hard, I have not been passed so much since I had a
> >transporter)
> >No problems with the drive train. I checked out the dia. of the spare
> >and it was pretty close to the 16" tires I run.
> >
> >Chuck Pierce
> >91 200tq Avant
> >Schaible, David wrote:
> >
> >>Does anyone have any experience, or wild theory, on running
> >>wheels and tires,  such as is there any damage done by running a
> >>spare for extended periods or running a steel wheel on one location
> >>the bbss' on the others?????  What is better, a donut spare, or a
> >>size spare of 25% more mass but similar traction?
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>My experience to date makes me think you could drive around on
> >>practically anything like a rim with no tire on the rear and only
> >>is reduced handling ability, which is magnified at high speed.

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