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Wed Dec 7 19:39:48 EST 2005

> From: "Dr. Adam Gratz" <dradamgratz at>
> A heads up in the realm of suspension mods:
> Coughed up for the 2Bennett coil-over kit. Have had mixed experiences over
> the last 4 years with them.
> The front strut bar is a real winner. This is a new design and uses stock
> steel Audi strut tower mounts from a ??? The bar is round Aluminum and very
> nicely cut with good adjustment points. Install was effortless (for a
> change). The rear coils were also easy and so far problem free, if not a
> little cheesy (carbon fiber "look" stickers) and poor quality powder coat on
> the springs. The front coil-overs are nice in the box. I'll update when I
> find a place to work other than the Hawaiian jungle floor (my new front
> yard).
Do you have pictures of this 2B strut bar device?  What spring rates did
they sell to you?
> Seeking thoughts and ideas:
May prove to be a mistake!
> I was prompted to buy this kit to RAISE my Avant as much as is realistic.
Maybe should have traded up to an All Road, but you don't even need a Q
unless you will be driving over Mona Loa in the winter.  An old Chivvy
> The roads here on the Big Island are like living on a rally course. 2Bennett
> suggested I set the front Koni's to full stiff!!
IMO, 2B never has understood purpose of and optimum settings of shocks for a
particular spring rate and unsprung weight combo.  If a little does a little
good, a whole lot ought to be a lot better!
> The rears are at 75%.
Much too much damping, unless your springs are about 4X the stock spring

>The sale was made with the promise of a 2" increase in ride height.
Easily acheived, with a piece of pipe between spring perches.
> What say you ?
Fat Wallet!

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