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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Wed Dec 7 19:57:39 EST 2005

Hi Dr. G.

I would love to see pictures of the 2Bennett strut tower mount with the 
URs 6 strut tower brackets. A friend and I are in the process of
building a strut tower brace with those same style brackets for our 
cars. I have never seen the 2Bennett brace. Also if you can could i get 
some pictures of the coil over set up?
And as Bernie asked what spring rates did they set you up with?

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq avant
Dr. Adam Gratz wrote:

> A heads up in the realm of suspension mods:
> Coughed up for the 2Bennett coil-over kit. Have had mixed experiences 
> over the last 4 years with them.
> The front strut bar is a real winner. This is a new design and uses 
> stock steel Audi strut tower mounts from a ??? The bar is round 
> Aluminum and very nicely cut with good adjustment points. Install was 
> effortless (for a change). The rear coils were also easy and so far 
> problem free, if not a little cheesy (carbon fiber "look" stickers) 
> and poor quality powder coat on the springs. The front coil-overs are 
> nice in the box. I'll update when I find a place to work other than 
> the Hawaiian jungle floor (my new front yard).
> Seeking thoughts and ideas:
> I was prompted to buy this kit to RAISE my Avant as much as is 
> realistic. The roads here on the Big Island are like living on a rally 
> course. 2Bennett suggested I set the front Koni's t full stiff!! The 
> rears are at 75%. The sale was made with the promise of a 2" increase 
> in ride height.
> What say you ?
> Dr. G
> 200 20V Avant (jungle racer)
> 2000 Land Rover Disco II (Lava rock crusher)
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