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Thanks to Mike S and input from Peter S, he found a write up in theQuattro 
Quarterly winter 2004 (page 85?) AFAIK ...........and someparts numbers from the 
Family Album.Strangely Version 5 doesn't list an S4 from 1992 - 1995.5A6/S6 
from 1996 up does. Listing the A6 produces the items.The parts aren't mentioned 
until the end of the parts numbers like in anotes listing.If you want to 
upgrade your 200/100 chasis rigidity by installing an Audifactory part from the 
"ur" S/4S6.  As Bernie says this is a tower brace not a strut 
brace.............FWIW.Decyphering the code:4A0 is the body type805    section 8 sub type 05That 
isn't always accurate, but it is true most of the time.PARTS:
left 4A0 805 635 
right 4A0 805 636 
brace 4A0 805 645ASomeday this mod will be posted at in 2005
An alternative is the Bernie "Benz strut brace" (search the archives)
Jim Furdyn just did this and here's his observations.......The 1992-1994 S4 
was listed in A10Q/Audi 100 Quattro 1989 >> 1994 in ETKA. I installed my strut 
brace yesterday. 2 inches need to be cut off the bar and re-drilled to fit 
between the strut towers. The brake fluid reservoir from the S4/S6 needs to be 
used in order to clear the bar. The brake fluid reservoir cap was interring with 
metal from the firewall that overhangs and it has to be trimmed accordingly. 
-Scott by BOSTON
Jim Furdyn 09 MAR 05:
I have made a detailed how-to about this topic:

 Upper Strut Tower BracePurpose: to install the upper strut tower brace 
froman Audi S4 (1992-1994) or an Audi S6 (1995-1996.5/97) onto the type 44Audi 
chassis. (The example will be a 1987 Audi 5000cs Turbo Quattro).
Part Requirements/ Parts Needed:

 4A0 805 635   Retainer for connecting rod, left(This is the part that sits 
above the strut tower, attached with the three (3) self-locking nuts and 
special cupped washer).
 N 011 194 9   hex. nut, self-locking, M8 (if needed)
 413 412 405   washer (if needed)

 4A0 805 636   Retainer for connecting rod, right(This is the part that sits 
above the strut tower, attached withthe three (3) self-locking nuts and 
special cupped washer). (see abovefor hardware requirements)
 8A0 805 645 A    Connecting rod/pipe
 8A0 805 963    Plug for the end of the pipe, qty. 2 needed
 N 011 670 16    Washer, for connecting bar/pipe, qty. 4 needed
 N 902 218 03   Bolt, with hex. socket head, for connecting bar/pipe, qty. 4 
 4A0 611 301 E Brake fluid reservoir, from S4/S6,This is a lower profile 
reservoir and the filling cap is positioned aftof the reservoir therefore making 
clearance for the connectingrod/pipe.
 893 611 817 B   Plug, this is the rubber insert between the brake master 
cylinder and fluid reservoir. (Replace as needed)   Procedure:The right upper 
strut tower retainer needsto be modified in order to physically fit onto the top 
of the mountingsurface on the upper strut attach point. Lay the retainer above 
themounting point and use a marker to trace out the material that needs tobe 
removed from the retainer. I used a cut-off wheel mounted to a highspeed air 

The left upper strut tower retainer does not need to be modified, butthe area 
around where the retainer sits needs to be. On the type 44cars (US vehicles) 
there is an unused bracket mounted to the right sideof the left strut tower. 
The radiator overflow reservoir and anattaching clamp for an A/C line is on 
this piece. Using a high speedcut-off wheel, I removed half of this unused 
bracket. This allowedflush mounting of the left upper strut tower retainer. It will 
also benecessary to remove the screw for the A/C line, to give you 
moreflexibility when fitting the left strut tower retainer. This A/C lineruns under the 
weather cover on the driver’s side to a pressure sensor,and continues on to the 
HVAC box.

Remove the brake fluid reservoir and mock-up where the newreservoir is going 
to hit. Using a marker, trace out the material thatneeds to be removed from 
the metal brace that is part of the firewalland right above the brake fluid 
reservoir. (Use caution when cutting inthis area. I would recommend that you cover 
the exposed master cylinderwith a rag and take car to the vacuum line that 
runs under the metalarea you are about to cut) (Replace the rubber plugs if 

Install the new brake fluid reservoir from the S4/S6 (P/N 4A0 611 301 E)

Install the strut bar/pipe on the right side (passenger) and then takea 
measurement of the bar/pipe. Two (2) inches will need to be removedfrom the end of 
the pipe. Using a center punch, line up the holes fromthe left retainer to 
where they need to be drilled on the connectingbar/pipe. As you will notice, the 
holes on both ends of the connectingpipe are slotted. It is not necessary to 
slot your holes on the endyou’re going to drill. I started with a 1/8” drill 
bit as a pilot hole.Make sure you drill this centered and square. Follow with a 
5/16” andfinish with a 25/64”drill bit. I finished my holes with a 
countersinkto remove the edges of the hole(s)

Mount the connecting bar using bolt N 902 218 03, and washer N 011 670 1 (2 
each per side).

Finish by applying paint (or any other type of corrosioninhibiting product) 
to the exposed metal edges you cut on the rightretainer and the bracket you cut 
in half and the metal piece above thebrake fluid reservoir. Finally install 
the end caps or plugs to the endof the connecting bar/pipe.

-- <A HREF="">JimFurdyn</A> - 09 Mar 2005
Thanks, and have fun!
-- ScottbyBOTON<A HREF="">?</A> - 07 Mar 2005

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