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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Fri Dec 9 17:26:46 EST 2005

I bought all these parts hoping it would be as easy as described, but
on my and a friends 91 200tq  20v Avant's the brake master cylinder and 
reservoir come up to high to
just change the fluid  reservoir. The RH bracket needed the noted 
trimming, but the LH
bracket did not need to be trimmed at all, neither did the car. So I am 
in the slow process of making a bar
to go between the brackets. ( I have no tools for this so I am working 
with a friend, a slow process with our conflicting schedules). I should 
be done by the end of the month.
Take a look at the 2B bar (  )and you will see 
it is made out of aluminum and is made to go around the
brake fluid reservoir.
I think the write up is for type 44's that are not our specifically 
peculiar version.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

SuffolkD at wrote:

>Thanks to Mike S and input from Peter S, he found a write up in theQuattro 
>Quarterly winter 2004 (page 85?) AFAIK ...........and someparts numbers from the 
>Family Album.Strangely Version 5 doesn't list an S4 from 1992 - 1995.5A6/S6 
>from 1996 up does. Listing the A6 produces the items.The parts aren't mentioned 
>until the end of the parts numbers like in anotes listing.If you want to 


>each per side).
>Finish by applying paint (or any other type of corrosioninhibiting product) 
>to the exposed metal edges you cut on the rightretainer and the bracket you cut 
>in half and the metal piece above thebrake fluid reservoir. Finally install 
>the end caps or plugs to the endof the connecting bar/pipe.
>-- <A HREF="">JimFurdyn</A> - 09 Mar 2005
>Thanks, and have fun!
>-- ScottbyBOTON<A HREF="">?</A> - 07 Mar 2005
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