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Fri Dec 9 21:17:58 EST 2005

I would never put G60's on my car, so yes ufo setup for now. I thought that
the 5000's hub/strut assm. was deeper than the 200's. maybe the is just the
hub itself.

Well i think i can get one from a 200 for sure, we used the hub/strut
assmbly to create a permanent "big break" setup so we could use any 16" rim
ans stop better than the 13"/330mm rotors and 4 piston calipers from a clk
430. kinda nice setup too.

This month i will be helping my buddy do an engine swap. from one rusted 200
20v avant to anther rust-free 200 20v avant. In this swap, new aluminum
flywheel, heavier clutch, keeping the rs2 turbo I think, stock springs but
lowering the sping mounts to lower it. bilsteins sports all around, blah,
blah blah....

here is my baby befor the snows, bbs's, ufo's....

Thanks all,
Andrew Schlueter
'91 200tq20v Avant

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