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Fri Dec 9 22:07:15 EST 2005


I believe that the 5Ks from '87 and the 200 strut tube and hub assemblies
are all the same, so you should be able to find a used one easily, upon
which to add your 200-20V specific parts.


> From: Andyschlueter <andyschlueter at>
> today was a good day. I almost got into an accident. some guy in his ford
> crossed into my lane on a snow covered corner. I drive into his lane and
> around him. he did not stop. I on the other hand bent 2 of my bbs's and bent
> the front left wheel hub strut assembly. Ya, a nice $600 single part. That
> sucked. I hope to track down a new/used one.
> Andy Schlueter
> '91 200tq20v Avant
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