Subject: Re: Strut brace (improvements?)

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Dec 10 00:35:27 EST 2005


There are two distinctly different types of lateral suspension stiffening
devices useful on McPherson systems.  A Tower Brace stiffens the relative
transverse motion of the two strut towers.  A Strut Brace directly stiffens
the relative transverse motion of the two strut rods, which is the ultimate
goal of either device.  Thus, the Strut Brace is capable of acheiving
maximum lateral stiffness for a given suspension system with minimum
complexity and thus minimum cost and weight.

Much has been bantered around on this subject in the past.  Search the
archives and Chris Miller's 200Q-20V site.


> From: Kerry Griffith <i2k at>
> After driving the S6 I was looking at and deciding I can't afford it
> I'm curious regarding the strut tower brace.
> Does it provide a substantial difference in feel during "normal"
> driving, or is it best noticed on track days?
> Best,
> Kerry
> P.S. Been having big fun in  the snow with my BBS and Guardex 600
> (first gen)!
> And if anyone has a set of ur-S4 wheels in nice shape, please contact
> me. The ur-S6 wheels look great in summer, but I'd loke to try the
> ur-S4 since I''ll be replacing tires in the spring. Thanks. Sorry for
> the semi-shout.
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