Brake problem

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sat Dec 10 05:52:59 EST 2005

Very common report, especially because of the underhood heat in these cars.
 It's the MC warpping in the heat.

At 04:59 PM 12/9/2005 -1000, Adam Gratz wrote:

>I had what sounds like the same issue. Mine  was tied to temperature, hot
>days and stop and go traffic brought it on (intermittent). At first felt
>like a loss of booster but with a soft first 20% of pedal travel. This
>was  accompanied by a slight dragging sensation, as if my ebrake was
  I took the master
>apart. No obvious sign of wear or groves or rust, sludge and so on. The
>seals actually showed almost no signs of age.
>I tried to get a rebuild kit and couldn't so I bought a new master in the
>box. 2 years and 40k later, no recurrence. My 02cents.

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