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Sun Dec 11 05:31:08 EST 2005

You are correct that the UFO strut assemblies are unique.  When Audi
replaced UFOs under warranty for folks who complained about them, they used
the struts from the S4/S6.  When that service wasn't available FREE, some
owners or their dealers used the struts from 5k cars, which are less robust
than the struts from S4s and available at less cost.  If you wish to
replace a UFO strut on just one side, you need another UFO strut.  There
are some folks around who have replaced UFO struts with the S4 struts in
order to upgrade to even larger rotors than the S4 had, so you might be
able to buy a set.  Try Chris Semple at Force5:  

At 09:55 PM 12/10/2005 +0000, Andyschlueter wrote:
>>From what i understand, the 200 20v and v8 cars that have ufo's are the only
>one that would have the same strut assm. The 5000, agin from what I
>understand is built differently and has a different offset on where the hub
>is on the strut assm.
>So can someone prove this wrong, or has one left hand side strut tube assm.
>form a v8 or 200 20v with ufo's?
>Andy Schlueter
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